From the design to clay, from the computer to hands.


Five years ago I decided to embark a trip to an unknown destination: ceramics. As a creative director and graphic designer in my own advertising agency, I felt that my hands were tired of holding every day the mouse. So I decided to change the Photoshop tools for other real tools and dirty my hands with clay. This was a trip with a unique direction and with and unexpected end: I felt in love with the world of ceramics and changed my life completely.


I work clay with my hands to create special objects to decorate houses, because objects that surround us can help us feel better and be happier.


So this has been a travel to the design to clay, from the computer to hands… Apparently this is a travel to the modernity to the tradition, is a come back to origins. But always with the graphics designs in my eyes and the Photoshop tools in my fingers.

Ceramic artwork is a type of therapy because is a slow creation that requires lots of hours and patience. For this reason, ceramic objects have a peaceful and relaxed soul that can be felt just touching the glaze o the clay. A relaxed soul that evolves you. Houses with handmade ceramic objects are more human, more beautiful, more unique.



  • Modeled techniques at Dolors Muset School, Barcelona.
  • Wheel student with master Marc Vidal on his own studio, Barcelona
  • Intensive wheel course with Martin Leow, Barcelona.
  • Improve wheel course with Dolors Ros, Escola de Ceràmica de La Bisbal de l’Empordà.
  • Hight temperature glazes with  Dolors Ros, Escola de Ceràmica de La Bisbal de l’Empordà.
  • Workshop “Clay Structures” at Apparatiu Studio, with Xavier Mañosa, Sant Cugat del Vallès
  • Low temperature glazes at Forma School with teacher Elisabet Auleda, Barcelona
  • Photoceramics course at PotterGym with teacher Carles Torrents, Madrid.
  • Molds course at PotterGym with teacher Fraçois Ruegg, Madrid.